Impuls: Digital Literacies und Open Education


Ich darf bei unserem Treffen bei Bildung, öffne Dich am 14. Juni in Hannover einen Impuls geben. Während ein Großteil des Tags von sehr praktischen Einführungen in OER und Open Education geprägt sein wird, möchte ich zu Beginn ein bißchen abstrakter werden. Letztendlich geht der Impuls zurück auf einen Vortrag, den ich zufälligerweise auch in Hannover bei der Tagung “Mischen Possible” gehalten habe. Unsere Runde wird nun aber ein wenig kleiner sein und ich möchte eigentlich viel lieber diskutieren als alleine zu sprechen, daher hier nun ein kleines Intro. Continue reading →

Quick Note on Storytelling, Security and Privacy

In a post from Nov 17, I tried to give an update on what happened after my Ignite Talk at #2016DML. As I mentioned then, I joined Cornelia and Anna to co-facilitate a small group of students and refugees who started working on storytelling in teams of German students and refugees. Over the last couple of weeks, teams and tandems were formed and some were split up again. Usually, this happened when some of the refugees could not attend the class anymore for various reasons: some moved, one found a job, one decided to attend more German language classes. Continue reading →

Hack the Edu System – 6 Weeks after my Ignite Talk

tl;dr: I promised regular updates after my Ignite Talk at #2016DML and this is the first post that is meant to catch everyone up who is interested.

It has been six weeks since my Ignite Talk at the 2016 DML Conference. After the talk, many educators and practitioners reached out – not only from the conference site but also from elsewhere in the world. Some gave feedback directly as comments in the Google Doc (resulting in a slightly edited draft), some tweeted and some sent me email. I promised that I would try and keep everyone in the loop and so I will try and sum up what happened since #2016DML. Continue reading →